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Stephanie Stalls
Kentucky dancer Stephanie Stalls attracts a huge amount of attention with that stopless, huge-titted Southern body. A friend of ours sent us a shot of Stephanie from a nightclub contest and, man, did she look happy being on stage. When she's not traveling the USA, she dances in Lexington that allows spreading on stage. "There are three stages and we each dance one song on each stage," Stephanie says in her country gal voice. On an average night, there will be 15 to 20 girls in the club. I like to dance to heavy metal music. I like to get wild. Like, you can touch my boobs. But I don't want anyone stickin' their fingers in my pussy. Some girls let them do that. Oh, I've heard they give blow jobs too. In the back, not on stage. I give hummers. That's when I put my mouth on a guy's cock though his pants. Lots of girls do that. After I dance on stage, I'll go to the lap dance room and get down to my G-string. I just grind on them. Bounce on them. They can't grab my boobs in Lexington but they can in South Dakota! Some guys do pop during one of my lap dances. Maybe more than that." Stephanie laughs when she says that. We know she tries to make them pop because she busts out laughing at the thought of it. "As long as they don't get any on me!" A happy stripper makes a happy popper.
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