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At Michelle Bond's Big-Boob Finishing School, Headmistress Michelle teaches two of her students Arianna Sinn and Lana Ivans, how to wake up their man in the morning. Arianna and Lana are both wearing hot lingerie. Michelle explains to her charges that men don't like having to do any work in bed but they love being woken up with sex. Michelle instructs Lana to put on a strap-on rubber dick and make believe she's asleep. (And play the role of a guy.) The look of sheer, unleashed lust on Michelle's face as she hands over the strap-on is intense. Michelle first shows the girls proper "wake-up" techniques. How to rest their tits on his thigh when sucking his dick. How to wrap tits around cock. How to spit on the cock. Good things to say, such as, "Oh, honey, I couldn't wait for you to wake up. I need your cock so bad!" Michelle emphasizes that the girls should never forget to "lick balls," "suck, don't blow," and the ever-popular "Get the whole shaft wet." The blow job should be long, Michelle explains. After the blow job, Michelle has Arianna say things like, "Oh, honey, can you fuck me now? My pussy needs you!" Lana continues playing the role of the man as she fucks her "girlfriend" Arianna with the fake cock while Michelle continues her on-the-spot instructions. Michelle is enjoying seeing the fruits of her training methods also. Naughty headmistress, isn't she!












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