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Maggie Green
Deep inside the SCORE Archives, this pictorial of Maggie Green looked virginal. Untouched. And indeed it was. It was shot during the week of Maggie's debut at SCORELAND. No one could have predicted what was to follow in the years since "Maggie Green Week."

Maggie was destined to attract massive amounts of attention.

"I have seen a guy walk into a glass door while staring at me at a casino in Vegas. I can always get instant service from a male bartender, no matter how crowded the place is. I've walked right in the front door at clubs where there's a huge line to get in."

That doesn't surprise us one bit. Big tits rule in this world.

This pictorial kicks off with Maggie wearing a see-through bra. What are the blonde beauty's bra secrets?

"I have tons of bras because I love to buy them. Mostly Frederick's of Hollywood because they have my size and they have bras that don't look like granny bras like a lot of them do when you have big boobs. Sometimes I can fit into a Victoria's Secret demi-bra when I want to have tons of cleavage. I also love Felina. I love feeling sexy in lacy and satin bras. I wear a bra most of the time, except sometimes I like to wear a really tight tank top and then I don't need one. This happens often in the summer."

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