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Angela White and Maggie Green
This is it! Angela White has finally fucked! After eight years of on-screen cock-celibacy, Angela has caved in to her intense, super-horny nature and showed SCORELAND Men what she can do to the cock. Over the last three chapters, we've listened to her plans in her pre-fuck interviews about how she's going to go from the girl-next-door to a hurricane of heat. Wild, aggressively sexual. And she has done that. We've seen her unleashed. She's transformed into a completely uninhibited tigress, a radical change from her naughty 18 year-old schoolgirl personality in 2003 when she first wrote SCORE asking to pose naked in Miami because she wanted to start at the top with the major leaguers of the big-bust world. She's a girl who only hinted at her sexual talents over the years, teased and tickled. By making everyone wait, by making herself unattainable, she increased the sexual value of her video virginity. Eight years is a long time to model. The average girl poses for a few years and moves on to other pursuits in life. Degrees. Jobs. Marriage. Maybe, eventually, 2.5 kids, a house and domestic bliss. But Angela has the fire and the heat inside her. She's upped the ante instead of cooling down. To end Angela White Finally Fucks with a big bang, Angela meets beautiful SCORE Girl Maggie Green for the first time in her modeling career. Beautiful, busty women, they can't help but to hit it off big-time. They head for the bed and the joys of tits and clits. Angela wants man-beef in her girl-girl sandwich. What Angela wants, Angela gets. Resistance is futile! And anyone who did resist should be certified. Thank you, Angela White. Thank you, Maggie Green. Three is not a crowd. It's a little orgy.
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